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The carting business in Switzerland is a significant contributor to the nation’s economy and a reliable source of tax revenue. Investors should be aware of a crucial fact, the Swiss catering business alone earned almost 28 billion CHF in taxable income in 2015. The catering industry includes a vast variety of companies and businesses kinds, including fast food chains, eateries, and meal delivery services. In 2013, there were approximately 28,000 hotels and restaurants, according to the Swiss government’s most recent national census on the tourism sector. It’s also important to note that there are licenses and permits required for catering businesses in this country.

Create a Swiss corporation for a restaurant

The procedures for registering a Swiss restaurant business are the same as those for writing any other kind of business, and the required documents are also similar or identical. These actions involve creating a corporate Swiss bank account and registering the company with the Commercial Registry. There may be a demand for a capital deposit based on the investors’ preferred business structure. This would imply that a certain quantity of money must be deposited into a Swiss bank account before commercial operations can start. A Swiss public notary (complete list of en speaking Swiss public Notaries) will be required to attend a business meeting with the incorporator during the preliminary phases of incorporation of company founders or investors and draft statutory documents. These documents will specify the type of business formation the firm is to use, which is often a limited liability corporation for catering businesses. Investors will then be required to draft the memorandum and articles of organization that will be needed to register the firm.

Licensed businesses in Switzerland

In order to ensure that the actions they engage in compliance with local rules and regulations, investors and business owners must get the necessary licenses during the development of a restaurant business

Licenses for Swiss catering businesses

Businesses in Switzerland that intend to operate as caterers are obliged to submit applications for the necessary permissions and licenses. According to company registration rules, if a restaurant intends to sell or distribute alcohol, it must first apply for permits and licenses that must be authorized by the Swiss Alcohol Board and comply with the provisions of the Ordinance of Alcohol. Additionally, there are more rules that must be followed by both employees and the actions and behavior of the business. These cover staff responsibilities to the organization, safety, and hygiene protocols, as well as adhering to internal rules.

Starting a restaurant in Switzerland and hiring staff

You must adhere to specific regulations and practices if you plan to hire personnel in Switzerland, regardless of the type of business you establish. You must first confirm that all employees are authorized to work, which may entail arranging for work visas and permits. Pay as you earn (PAYE) is the method that foreign workers without a C permit and who are not married to a Swiss national or permanent resident must use to send their income tax, therefore you must withhold this amount from their salaries and pay it to the Swiss tax authorities. Additionally, you must abide by Swiss labor regulations, including those governing salary and working hours, and employer health and safety rules. Although Switzerland does not have a federal minimum wage, many of its cantons have enacted their own minimum wage regulations.