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Spain is a dynamic nation where catering businesses prosper since there is commercial potential in this industry because of the vast number of tourists and the way of life of Spanish inhabitants. As a result, you should be aware that the food business in Spain has promising future potential if you’re interested in starting a restaurant there. Spain is one of the most alluring places to invest in because it is a popular tourist destination. Opening an eatery in this country can be a very profitable decision because both locals and visitors spend a lot of money eating and drinking in restaurants. You should attempt to comprehend how the company environment functions before beginning a business in this industry.

What you need to do to start a restaurant in Spain

Before starting an eatery in this country, there are a few more things to do:

An identifying number is required

To rent or purchase a property here, your company needs an identification number (NIE). You can get the identifying number from your neighborhood police department (it is necessary to have a valid identity document for this).

Staffing and training

When you first start working in the service sector, be sure to hire the right people. Be sure to adequately train your staff on how to behave and respond in a range of circumstances, including ordering, serving, accepting, preparing, storing, cleaning, and more. Half of your company will be determined by your workforce.

What to take into account before starting a restaurant in Spain

A number of things need to be confirmed before an eatery can be opened in Spain. When starting a company in Spain that will function as a catering unit, keep the following in mind:

Where the restaurant is located

The most well-liked locations to open a business are in city centers and on beaches.

In terms of the restaurant’s location, the more expensive the rent, the more visible the location.

The restaurant’s size

You must handle the logistics processes and hire staff. The clientele’s available menus and the particulars of the eatery.


When building a restaurant, this is a crucial consideration. You must obtain a license from the local government to sell alcohol (ayuntamiento). Every municipality has unique specifications. The food handler’s license is yet another crucial permit (carnet de manipulador de alimentos). It comes from the local government and deals with The numerous formalities that investors must complete in order to obtain the licenses and permissions required to open a business also including taking into account the safety and health requirements that the restaurant’s staff members must adhere to. The owners of the business must also establish the conditions necessary for the workers to be protected from a variety of occupational risks.

Monitoring inspections

Numerous organizations, including the Ministry of Employment, the Ministry of National Health, Social Services and Equality, the National Institute of Safety and Hygiene and Work, and the Labor Inspectorate, are in charge of monitoring the procedures that must be followed. The regional representatives of these organizations will carry out certain processes in this instance, including on-site inspections of safety and public health issues. Typically, the company’s representatives will also need to submit a music license application.

Why finance a Spanish eatery

There are several benefits to investing in a business set up as a food joint in this country, including the economy’s stable growth and the substantial inflow of tourists who pick this nation as their travel destination.

The diversity of the restaurant units that are present in Spain is another argument in favor of investing in the catering industry; in 2017, both fast food and ethnic chains saw increases in market share. Since the Spanish consumer market is getting more and more drawn to a variety of food products from both home and foreign cuisines, a new business opportunity can be taken advantage of in this sector.