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Start an IT business in Israel

The State of Israel has embraced the chance to brand itself as a nation of technological startups. Over the past few decades, the prosperity of the regional high-tech economy has been significantly attributed to technological innovation. Israeli businesses have a significant role in influencing every part of the digital world, from microchips to well-liked programs. […]

Start a commercial real estate business in Poland 

The real estate sector in Poland has been growing steadily in recent years, with foreign investment playing a major role in driving the market. The country has seen a surge in demand for residential and commercial properties, as well as a surge in the construction of new buildings. The Polish property market is attractive to […]

Start a commercial real estate business in Norway 

The Norwegian property market is a fantastic destination to invest in and live in, offering both residential and commercial properties.  The Norwegian authorities have adopted a proactive stance toward the property industry, launching a variety of programs to increase market accessibility and investor appeal. To encourage people to make property investments, the government has also […]

Start a commercial real estate business in the Netherlands 

The Netherlands is a desirable location for both local and foreign investors due to its strong economy and first-rate infrastructure. A variety of properties are for sale in the nation’s real estate market, which is mature and stable. The property market and economy of the Netherlands are both robust. In recent years, property prices have […]

Start a commercial real estate business in Montenegro 

In recent years, Montenegro’s real estate market has expanded significantly. The nation is a great destination to invest in because it has a solid legal system and infrastructure. Montenegro also provides a wide range of investment options, from land and construction projects to homes and businesses. Foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start a corporate property […]

Start a commercial real estate business in Monaco

The property sector in Monaco is an exciting opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs alike. Monaco is a small, yet affluent nation located on the French Riviera, and it has a long history of providing a safe and secure environment for those looking to invest or start a company. The property market in Monaco is highly […]

Start a commercial real estate business in Moldova

The commercial real estate sector in Moldova is an exciting and rapidly growing sector that offers many opportunities for investors and businesses. With a vibrant and growing economy, Moldova is an attractive destination for those looking to invest in the commercial property market. Moldova’s commercial property sector is characterized by a diverse range of properties […]

Start a commercial real estate business in Malta 

The commercial real estate sector in Malta is a thriving industry with a bright future. The country’s strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea, the presence of a highly-skilled workforce, and its attractive tax system have all contributed to the success of the sector.  The Maltese government has taken a proactive approach to the development of […]

Start a commercial real estate business in North Macedonia

The Law on Property and Other Real Rights and the Law on Obligations and Contracts govern commercial real estate law in North Macedonia. These rules govern the purchase, selling, and leasing of commercial properties, as well as the establishment of property ownership and the resolution of disputes. If you are thinking about beginning a commercial […]

Start a commercial real estate business in Luxembourg

Although one of the smallest nations in Europe, Luxembourg is one of the richest due to its strong economy, highly trained labor force, and favorable tax structure. The nation’s advantageous central-European position also makes it a prime center for international trade. Luxembourg’s commercial real estate legislation A variety of legal tools, such as statutes, rules, […]