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The nation of Suriname has a lot of natural resources, including a sizable tropical rainforest and a clean water supply. Agribusiness operations benefit greatly from the current temperature. The Surinamese state recently made significant investments in infrastructure development, leading to the repair of the airport terminal as well as the restoration and enlargement of the (sea) port.

The Surinamese Department of Commerce and Industry is making significant efforts to enhance the business environment and streamline the regulatory framework. This also covers the methods for securing permits. A 24/7 economy is also being developed, which will prolong the hours of commercial activity and increase the number of job alternatives.

Corporate opportunities in Suriname 

Due to its comparative secrecy, Suriname offers a lot of unexplored business potential. Large-scale sustained investments in the petroleum, gold, and aluminum sectors will boost production, exports, and local demand substantially in the next years and create new financial opportunities. These and more business opportunities in the country are discussed below: 

Tourism sector

Each year, Suriname welcomes a hundred thousand visitors. Suriname was placed 68th in the world when the number of tourists was compared to its population. It came in second place in South America. 

Suriname generates over $19 million in US dollars from tourism alone each year. This is equivalent to 0.66 percent of its GDP and almost 0 percent of all foreign tourist expenditures in South America. Starting a tourism industry with knowledgeable personnel and translators is a wise investment decision.

Petroleum business 

The petroleum sector has advanced significantly since 1980 and now has a significant position in the nation’s economy. Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname, the country’s state-owned oil firm, is active in all aspects of the petroleum industry. It is in charge of endorsing accessible offshore acres, arranging oil contracts, and overseeing the deals. It also serves as the petroleum supervisory authority. Additionally, it controls the data and provides interested businesses with access to a sizable open file data collection. 

A new oil or petroleum company’s launch can be a labor-intensive and meticulous procedure. However, it doesn’t have to be a tiresome or irritating task if you have the correct tools.

Agriculture export business

Combining affordable fertile ground, hospitable weather, and availability of water resources creates the ideal environment for the growth of agricultural output targeted toward export. 

Rice, cassava, peanuts, cocoa, honey, beans, and cashews have the highest export possibility, based on the Exportable Proposal Research carried out by FDI BIBIS. Sesame seeds, mango, pineapple, guava, watermelon, vegetables, leafy greens, and oranges are additional items with considerable potential.

App development company 

The process of developing software apps for mobile devices is known as mobile app creation. These programs can be utilized for a range of activities, such as online communities, productivity, and gaming. Due to the recent rise in the tech sector, many entrepreneurs are now concentrating on creating software firms. A wonderful method to enter the software development industry is to launch a mobile app design company. As more businesses explore methods to connect with their clients through mobile apps, this form of business is becoming more and more popular.

You need to be able to create high-caliber software and possess excellent technical abilities to launch a mobile application-building business. Additionally, you ought to be knowledgeable on how to promote and sell mobile apps.

Food and eatery business 

As there are more foodies and online food bloggers, more people are drawn to upscale restaurants and even mobile food vendors. To open a café or restaurant in the nation, you must apply for a license and choose a menu that the locals will enjoy. 

Start a food processing business to create frozen food items or ready-to-eat meals. As the working population has grown and many people now prefer to prepare food with convenience, this proposed project can be proven as a hit. After receiving the necessary approvals, you can also add beverages to your list of items.