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Egypt is a place of opportunities in addition to being the home of the Pyramids. Because of this, starting a business in Egypt would be a wise decision if you desired to get wealthy.

The state of the economy has significantly improved in the new millennium. As a result, you have many chances to expand your business here.

You will benefit immensely from Egypt’s well-developed infrastructure and communication system as you build and expand your firm.

The Egyptian government and educational system place a high value on entrepreneurship. You have a lot to gain by establishing your company in Egypt. In Egypt, there are several promising business sectors. Any of the following carefully chosen lists of businesses is a good place to start.


Egypt’s top industry for earning revenue is tourism. So, if you want to start a business, tourism could be a great option. There are numerous facets to the tourism industry. You can create your travel and tourism business where you can offer complete travel services, from booking tickets and hotels to leading tours. On a modest scale, you can establish a business as a local tour operator or tourist guide. There are several earning prospects in every place.

Start a hotel business in Egypt

You may make a lot of money in the hotel industry because Egypt attracts millions of tourists. You can start a sizable hotel if you have a large budget.

Open a restaurant

The restaurant industry has always been successful. The food must be of a high grade, and marketing and publicity must be effective. Choose a suitable location for your restaurant, and make good décor plans. Both locals and tourists use the restaurant. Consequently, you stand a strong possibility of succeeding financially in Egypt’s hotel industry.

Bakery Business in Egypt

The bakery is a highly successful business concept. If you are skilled in the technique and art of baking, you can open a bakery or a supply company for bakery goods. Freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes, cupcakes, and other baked delicacies are in high demand, as are baked snacks. You must create things of high quality and freshness. Furthermore, if you’re creative, you might decide to prepare low-calorie baked goods that are currently quite popular as well as fusion cuisines.

Catering service

In Egypt, the demand for catering services is rising. You can start a catering business if you are a skilled or enthusiastic chef. This company needs a strong network, publicity, and most importantly, excellent service. You will receive multiple reference clients after a few profitable orders. Pay great attention to the quality and flavor of the food you are presenting.

Grocery store

Given that it is a necessity for our everyday existence, the grocery store is a smart business venture. Set up your grocery store in a decent neighborhood or busy region. Pay close attention to how things are arranged so that your consumers will not have any trouble finding the items they want.

Cyber café

The Egyptian population is very tech-savvy. Consequently, starting a cyber café could be a highly successful business venture for you. To draw in more clients and earn more money, you must pick a good location and offer services like printing, scanning, and copying.

App development

Apps are now very well-liked by both consumers and commercial organizations. You can establish your own app development company if you know how to code. You need your website and a robust network of digital marketing to attract more clients in this industry.

Car rental

A profitable business venture is providing car rentals, particularly in urban areas. You can launch the company using your vehicle. If not, you may purchase three or four cars and rent them out. Tourists and residents alike use car rental services.

Waste management

In Egypt, waste management is a major problem. As a result, your trash management company can succeed. Waste management companies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can first begin operating your industrial waste treatment facility. Second, household garbage can be used to create organic fertilizer. Thirdly, you can offer equipment for waste treatment, such as scrubbers. Waste management is a significant sector of business when taking into account both environmental pollution and human health concerns.